Can I hire you for a freelance job?

Possibly. I don’t have a great deal of time to spare what with work and studies, but I would consider any job on its own individual merits. I’d prefer to secure a full-time position.

What are your Photoshop and Flash skills like?

Nonexistent. My interest is primarily in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and server-side programming. That said, I would of course be willing to learn.

If you’re interested in server-side programming, why are you using WordPress for this blog and not a custom blogging engine?

Why reinvent the wheel? WordPress is full-featured, mature and powerful, so it seemed a good idea to use it. Also, as yet I haven’t really made sufficient progress with server-side programming that I’d be comfortable writing a blogging engine from scratch, so it seemed better to go with WordPress, which will make it easy for me to set up and maintain a fully functional website, and integrate a blog into it to make it more interesting, rather than have a rather dull static website.

Can you point me to some other sites you’ve done?

Yes, my original website is at, however if all goes well on WordPress I plan to move this blog there in the near future.