My name’s Matthew Daly. I’m 31 and I live in Diss, Norfolk. I’m hoping to find work as a web developer, ideally concentrating on open-source technologies such as Linux, Python, PHP, Perl and Ruby. However, I am happy to consider working with Java or .NET as well.

I’m also interested in the possibility of developing for mobile devices such as the iPhone, Android and Palm Pre at some point, and in desktop application development.

In 2009 I was awarded my CIW Associate certification, and in 2010 I achieved the CIW Database Design Specialist certification, thus qualifying for CIW Professional status. I am now studying for CIW Master Enterprise Developer certification, which covers the following technologies, in addition to my existing skills:

I also have a strong existing knowledge of the following:

  • CSS
  • JavaScript, including some limited knowledge of the prototype and libraries
  • Python, including limited knowledge of the Django web development framework
  • SQL
  • Database design
  • Linux/Unix
  • Some limited knowledge of C programming

I’m not currently employed in a web development capacity, however I have a strong understanding of the technologies employed and would therefore be able to pick up new skills quickly if required.

Although I’m comfortable using Windows for development if necessary, I have a preference for Unix-like operating systems (particularly Ubuntu) and am proficient in using and administering them in both desktop and server environments

I’m currently working in a customer services role in the life insurance industry, which means I have had the opportunity to develop strong skills in explaining technical matters to a non-technical audience. I also have excellent telephone and writing skills.

What tools do I prefer?

I’m a strong advocate of text editors over Integrated Development Environments. I favour Vim in preference to WYSIWYG editors, and always prefer to hand-code web pages as in my experience this usually produces better, more standards-compliant markup.

I’m aware of the importance of using revision control, and have used Subversion to some extent.

Due to my preference for, and experience with, Unix-like operating systems, I’m also familiar with many of the command-line Unix tools such as grep, diff and less, and make heavy use of these.

Where can I get more information/contact you?

My website is here.